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Facts about MMCC

Organizational structure:
- International organization registered in Afghanistan
- Local organization gradually taking over all responsibilities
- 13-15 well trained adult Afghan staff
- Supervision and Capacity building by two internationals
- Regular artistic workshops by a large network of volunteer international artists

- Total annual budget around 200,000 USD

Income sources:
- Sale of educational entertaining services
- Support of specific projects by different sponsors
- Membership fee and donations from individuals, sponsors and foundations in 15 different countries


Mobile performances and workshops
- Six professional mobile adult Afghan artists
- 550,000 audiences reached in 16 provinces so fare
- Educational performances with health, landmine awareness, peace messages etc
- Teacher training in creative educational methods
- Children workshops at schools and children institutions

Children Culture House
- Circus, Theater, Painting, Journalism, Quran, English and many more classes
- 120 children age 5-16 in the school season
- Daily lunch for the children
- Winter program for 350 children with 40 different classes
- Developing of new creative educational programs

Children Circus
- 80 semi professional junior artists
- Acrobatic, Juggling, Singing, Comedy and Educational Theater
- Weekly performances at schools in Kabul
- Junior Circus Audience in Afghanistan: 50,000 so fare
- Performance tours abroad: Europe 2005, Japan 2006, California 2008
- Audience abroad: More than 50,000 so fare