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Financial structure

MMCC’s total operating budget for the 2006-07 fiscal year is roughly 200,000 USD, or 10 Million Afghanis. Rent is the single most threatening financial burden due to the housing market in Kabul. The aim is to fundraise for and create or buy a permanent home for MMCC in order to remove this threat in the future

MMCC is a young organization that has experienced constant growth and expansion of activities since its very first performance in summer 2002. Since the opening of the Children Culture House in autumn 2003, the activities have gradually found a more long-term, permanent form that is now being sustained by implementing a permanent structure.

In brief, MMCC runs a maximum number of activities for a minimum budget. To secure and constantly improve the quality while doing this, the financial structure is basically divided into two parts:

1) Activity expenses – running costs of Children Culture House, Junior Circus and Mobile Circus including workshops. The expenses are partly covered by MMCC’s income-generating educational services such as educational performances and teacher training workshops; partly by private donations. Incomes gradually increase as new educational products are developed and qualified. The aim is for incomes to cover a minimum budget for all the activities within a few years.

2) Developing and sustaining expenses – capacity building; staff training; developing and implementing structures for the Afghan organization; artistic workshops; and ongoing development of new educational products by MMCC’s winter school etc. Since 2004 these expenses have been partly covered by the Danish government. In addition, private donations, volunteers and support for specific projects cover the remaining costs.

Rents in Kabul are often compared to those in New York. While most other expenses can be adjusted according to available income sources and funding, the rent is a fixed and inflexible expense. The construction of a base of MMCC’s own is therefore important to ensure a sustainable and financially independent Afghan-MMCC in the future.