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Bylaws of Association for Afghan-MMCC
Mobile Mini Circus for Children in Afghanistan

§1. Name and Location
The name of the organisation (the NGO) is Afghan-MMCC – Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children. The NGO has its organizational base in Kabul, Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan the following name will be utilized in Persian to present Afghan-MMCC: Sarkase Talimi Tarbiawie Atfale Afghanistan.

§2. History
MMCC was established as a project by David Mason in April 2002. Since 2003 it has been run and organized by the international NGO, MMCC-International, that is now an umbrella organization for local MMCC projects and organisations in more countries. Afghan-MMCC was established in spring 2006 as a member organisation of MMCC-International.

§3. Objectives
The objective of Afghan-MMCC is to promote the rights and well-being of Afghan children, as well as their education and joy of life, through performances, workshops and other creative activities - e.g., through circus and theatre, story-telling, workshops, games, artistic training, sports and teacher trainings.

§4 - The Organisation
MMCC is a non-profit, humanitarian organisation serving according to agreement of membership of MMCC-International. The NGO is independent of any political and religious interests.

All Afghan-MMCC activities in Afghanistan are run in full respect and consideration of Afghan and Islamic cultural and social norms and traditions.

The highest governing body of Afghan-MMCC is the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors tasks and responsibilities include:
- Selecting the Director(s) of the organisation – the position(s) should be reviewed at least once every three years
- Approval of the annual accounts and budgets
- Approval of the annual report
- Approval of new projects and new strategies - hereunder ensuring that those such are in line with the agreement of membership of MMCC-International

Within the first two years of Afghan-MMCC the new Board of Directors is furthermore responsible for:

- Present a permanent representative democratic organisational structure for Afghan-MMCC at the Ordinary General Meeting in the first month of the Afghan year 1386 (March-April 2007)
- Based on possible feedback from the Ordinary General Meeting finalize and decide a permanent representative democratic organisational structure for Afghan-MMCC. The structure has to be approved by a minimum of 2/3 of the Board Members.
- Ensure implementation of the new organisational structure

§5 - Board of Directors
The minimum number of members of the Board of Directors is 3 and maximum 9.

The first Board Members have been selected by the MMCC-International Board of Directors in cooperation with the two MMCC-directors for a transitional period of two years. Within the two years transitional period the new Board of Directors in cooperation with the Director(s) can appoint new board members. New Board Members will be elected by a minimum 2/3 majority of the transitional Board.

The Board of Directors should meet at least three times annually. It selects a chairperson from among its members and it sets its own order of business and mandate. The board may form sub-committees and determine their mandate as needed.

Afghan-MMCC’s Director(s) is employed by the Board of Directors. The Director(s) is responsible for the daily management in accordance with agreement with the Board.

The board is responsible for the general policy and finances of Afghan-MMCC and it approves dispositions of a general nature with respect to the running and development of the organisation.

§6. Finances
Afghan-MMCC is a non-profit NGO. The organisation is only liable to the extent of its own assets. None of the liabilities of the organisation fall to the Board of Directors. The work of the NGO is financed though grants and sponsorships plus public and private contributions.

No allowance is to be paid to members of the Board of Directors.

§7 Ordinary General Meetings
An open Ordinary General Meeting is to be held every year in the first month of the Afghan calendar. The Ordinary General Meeting serves as an orientation meeting and a forum for discussions on Afghan-MMCC’s strategies and activities. A report from the meeting including annual accounts and budgets should be available on within one month after the meeting.

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting must contain the following items:

1. Election of meeting chairperson and reporter
2. Board of directors’ annual report
3. Presentation of annual account
4. Presentation of new annual budgets
5. Presentation of new projects and strategies
6. Other business

Notice of Ordinary General meeting, as well as extraordinary general meetings, shall be announced at: four weeks in advance. Notice of the meeting shall contain the agenda.

§ 10 Accounting and authority to bind the association
- The fiscal year of Afghan-MMCC runs from January 1st to December 31st
- Afghan-MMCC’s accounts shall be audited by a certified public accountant, elected by the Board of Directors
- Afghan-MMCC may be bound jointly by the daily management or by a majority of all board members. The board may authorize to employees or to individual members of the board to act as its agent. No employee alone has the right to bind the organization with respect to funds deposited in a financial institution alone.

§ 11 Amendment of articles of association
Articles may be amended by a unanimous resolution of the Board.

§ 12 Dissolution
Dissolution of the organisation requires unanimous agreement of the Board. At the dissolution of the organisation, its assets must be used to support organisations, activities or the like promoting similar objectives and agreed by MMCC-International

§ 13 Validity
The articles of association shall become effective immediately upon approval by the Board of Directors at which they have been adopted.