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Goals and vision

MMCC’s overall aim consists of two parts:

1) To secure a sustainable Afghan organization that can continue to run and develop creative educational activities for children all over Afghanistan
2) To spread the ideas and methodology of MMCC to other countries by utilizing MMCC in Afghanistan and its networks as a capacity and practical resource center

In Afghanistan, where all kinds of cultural expression have been suppressed and forgotten for decades, developing a children-circus includes enormous considerations and strategies for every single new step taken. To put it briefly: ‘If it can be done in Afghanistan, it can be done anywhere’.

Along with sustaining MMCC in Afghanistan, the goal is to gradually spread the ‘concept’ by utilizing MMCC’s activities and experiences in Afghanistan as a model and source of inspiration for similar creative educational activities in other countries. So far, research and networking in Tajikistan, Pakistan and Nepal are expected to start within the next year.