Educational performances in Kabul and the provinces
Since 2003 MMCC’s professional Afghan mobile adult artists have performed and made workshops for more than 450,000 children in a large number of provinces all over the country.

Education through fun is the key word for all the performances. The popular diarrhea prevention handwashing piece (left) teaches the children how to wash their hands. This year the messages are about peace and that time is now for focusing on education and making everybody understand that the war is over (below)

For many children especially in the provinces MMCC’s performances are the first they see ever. A performance last for approximately one hour and consists of a combination of circus, a lot of fun and two educational comedies.

An important part of the mobile artists work is to establish good contacts to the local authorities and community leaders. They are often very skeptic about the program but become happy and exited like the children when they see that all performances are made in a totally Afghan context as well as they always starts with reciting from the Holy Quran.


Big colorful props are important parts of all MMCC’s performances. In the peace education performance (above right) the frog and the horse are fighting and cheating each other. The bear mediate and teach them to solve their conflict peacefully by talking to each other.

The big mosquito (left) is the main character in our educational performance about malaria prevention.



So far MMCC’s mobile artists have performed in 16 different provinces. Above in front of the big destroyed Buddha figures in Bamyan