Winter Program



Winter 2006/07 Slide Show
Winter is the time for finding new talents:
Every year when the schools in Kabul close for a three month holiday we invite a large number of new children to join our winter program. In the winter 2006/07 150 girls and 200 boys participated in the program that had totally 46 classes with subjects from circus, painting, singing and theatre to Quran classes, math, Afghanistan knowledge and Pashto language among many many more. (to see the full program click here>)

Each of the children joins four classes chosen by themselves during the week. Additional all children can choose to take part of an open English class in the mornings before the official program starts at 8.30 am.

For the children the winter program is a joyful place and space for learning during the cold months. For MMCC it is also the time of the year where we find new talents who are invited to join the core group of MMCC’s performance children who are trained all year around and perform at schools in the school season.

Afghanistan knowledge is part of all winter programs
In winter 2004-05 we developed an educational performance in which children learn about Afghanistan and the countries rich variety of languges, monuments, costumes and traditions.

In the educational performance the main character is an Afghan girl who comes back to discover her country after living abroad.

The Afghanistan performance played at a girls school in Kabul

The Afghanistan performance was developed as part of our three month winter program 2004/05. During the winter all 300 children who attended the program was having daily ‘Afghanistan classes’ where they learned about Afghanistan’s geography, cultural heritage, poetry etc.

The Afghanistan classes has since become a permanent part of all MMCC's winterprograms