Teacher Training in Creative Educational Methods

MMCC offers training for teachers in the use of creative teaching methods. The teacher training workshops last for one week followed by supervision of the teachers in their schools. During the workshop the teachers practically work with a number of activities such as enlargement techniques, painting and drawing, making 3-dimensional models in clay, papier-mâché and foam plus word games etc.

Traditional school subjects such as geography, biology, Dari, Pashto and timelines for teaching Afghanistan’s history are utilized as themes for the workshops. All activities in the teacher trainings are developed in close interaction with children in MMCC’s Children Culture House.

The teacher trainings are financed by partner organizations and sponsors. Though the main aim is to sustain the teacher training activities by partnership agreements, we are also interested in funding that can enable us to offer the trainings to schools and teachers with no available funding for the purpose.

For more information please contact us by phone:( 070-280-140) /( 070-229-975) or email: circus@afghanmmcc.org

During a five day workshop teachers and school consultants practically create and work with a large number of creative objects that are all very easy to implement in a classroom.

3D clay maps of Afghanistan; enlargement techniques; making timelines of Afghanistan’s history, modeling with sponge; playing with words and making poems are among the activities.

The teacher training this year consists of two parts. In the second part we help the school consultants and teachers to implement the creative methods in a school. This part start with an educational entertaining performance by MMCC’s mobile artists.

In the five days implementing workshop the school consultants and teachers are each working with a group of children assisted by MMCC’s artists. Some work with painting, some with modeling, posters, enlargement or making puppets of papier-mâché. While one group creates their own educational theater play others are rehearsing two or three songs or making a back stage curtain.

On the final day, the children make their own performance assisted by their teachers - now knowing how to do it again and again on their own.