Sporting girls

This summer there’s been girls running and shouting and shooting balls at two of Aschiana’s child centres.

The girls’ sports project is MMCC’s second activity. The idea is to create a space for joy and physical activity for the girls – something, which is sometimes difficult with the travelling circus.

To get the project going Tina, Charlotte, Majbrit and Berit went to Kabul in May 2003. Educated in sport and experienced in development work they immediately started out the activities with the girls.

They also held a workshop for 25 interested women and took up contact with the ministeries for education and for womens’ affairs, the local Olympic Committee, UNESCO and potential donors.

So far the project is a pilot to get contacts and funding for a larger and more lasting project. Still we couldn’t leave the girls to wait for that so two local women, Marzia and Wasima, are now employed to carry on the sports activities at the Aschiana centres.


batting for a home run...

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