Thank you all

MMCC only exists due to major help and generous contributions from a large number of individuals, donors and partners.

Funding Fun is our new Campaign to cover the costs of a whole year of costumes for both practicing and performing as well as equipment for performances. We have a goal to raise 6000 USD by end of September for this purpose. please visit the Funding Fun Campaign page:

Support MMCC:

You can send your generous donation to support our activities for children of Afghanistan. To donate online you can simply click on the logo and follow the instruction:
From any where in the world you can send your contribution directly to MMCC's bank accounts in Denmark and Afghanistan:
c/o Settlementet
Dybbølsgade 41
1721 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Bank: Arbejdernes Landsbank
Iban-account: DK 7653 31000 0302374
For contributers in Denmark please use:Registration no. 5331
Account no. 0302374
To see the instruction for contributions send to MMCC's bank account in Kabul Afghanistan please click here>

The MMCC administration is currently running exclusively on volunteer work. All contributions are shipped on to Afghanistan for either the upkeep of the mobile mini circus or for buying essential equipment.

If you have any questions please: Contact MMCC >

  Sponsors: for:
Turquoise Mountain Foundation Financial support
French Embassy - SDF Handicap Project 2006/07
John & Heida Haye Winter program 2005/06
Len Delunas Financial support
Belkis Costumes
Kjær & Kjær Reconstruction of house
UNHCR Winter program 2004/05
Teachers without Borders (individuals) Financial support
Recycle for Relief Carousel for playground
JRU Financial support
Afghan pilot Kabir Kakar & Hajizadeh Food for children
Japan-MMCC Financial support
Dignity for Children Music instruments
100 Friends (Marc Gold) Financial support
Mustard Seed Foundation Start up of MMCC's junior circus
Danidas Minipulje Financial support
InterSOS/UNHCR Start up of Children Culture House
DCCD/CKU Financial support and culturel exchange
Enkefru Plums fond Start up of Children Culture House
Briggen Teater Financial support
BUPL Financial support
MAKE THE HEAVEN Financial support
Danish Association of Circus Artists Financial support
Danish board of refugees. Financial support
PMF Financial support
Danish Actors' Association Financial support
Politiken Foundation Financial support
Dr. Sam Financial support and supervision
Mustafa Hotel, Kabul Financial support and promotion
Wafi Amin Initial financial and moral support





Seth Bloom Artistic workshops, 2003+04+05+06
Ben Sota Artistic workshop, 2006
Ted Lawrence Artistic workshop, 2006
Martin Gerner Radio journalism workshop, 2005 + 2006
Clowns Sans Frontieres France Circus workshop, summer 2003+2005
Zach Warren Circus workshop, summer 2005
The Serious Road Trip Circus workshop, summer 2004
Niels Bak Henriksen Radio journalism workshop, spring 2005
Jesper Axel Petersen Conceptualizing and sketching a future MMCC construction, spring 2005
Niranjan Goswami, India Mime workshop, spring 2005
 Tanja Andersen & Maiken Sørensen Internship, Afghan classes, winter 2004-05
Yuki "IMAGAWA NATSUYUKI" Fundraising, promotion, postcards, calendars etc, since 2003
Stacia Teele Fundraising, promotion and making Vasila’s heart operation a reality, 2004-05
Stine Degerbøl Circus workshop, spring 2004
Claus Lillerup web design
Henning Hjorth Processing of photos
Designer Torben Hjorth design and print of fleece shirts
Buzz Schwall Puppet workshop 2002


Special thanks to:



Higgins Brothers Circus equipment
Fazlullah Construction Company Internet connection
Yuki "IMAGAWA NATSUYUKI" Cameras and technical equipment
David Ascroft Circus equipment
Steven Ragatz Circus equipment
Chris Circus equipment
Syddansk Universitet Center Radio recorders
Bjørn Afzelius Foundation Sound system
ICRC logistic assistance
Søren Circus equipment
Mahe Transport of equipment
AV.Huset Projector
Settlementet Solo bikes
Gøglerskolen Amager & Århus Artists equipment
DGI Roskilde Sports equipment
Thomas "Tryl" Magicians equipment and books
Bo Danielsen Magicians equipment
Produktionsskolen Århus Costumes
Lazer Vaudeville Circus equipment