Handmade animals

"How do we work with papmache?" David Mason asked after having looked at a picture in a book from Denmark. The next day the employees started to create small puppets out of old newspapers and glue.

But puppets does not make a full circus. Though MMCC officially does not have any animals the next step was to create an elephant and the head of a horse. Like with everything else it's a question of making big things in a simple way out of small money.

Soon the sewing-team at Aschiana was involved in making costumes for the animals and puppets. A concept which is going to be a part of the workshops all over the country in order to make sure that the activities can continue when MMCC moves on. Part of the idea is to teach the children how to create the things themselves - and to leave it at the child-centers and schools after every workshop.


The MMCC horse and elephant will soon be joined by a live dinosaur.

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