Looking for a bus

During spring and early summer 2003 MMCC has become truly mobile.

This spring has so far seen a longer tour to the Mazar-i-Sharif area to the north and two trips to the provinces south of Kabul - again arranged by the UN organisation UNAMA.

This makes the need for our own bus all the more urgent, so MMCC has started to look in Kabul for a suitable vehicle - at a suitable prize.

Apart from transporting actors and equipment, the bus will also be fitted to be a base away from home and an integrated part of performances and workshops.

But the first aim is to get it rolling

Still MMCC also performs in Kabul. Last week 3000 children attended five performances including a 20 minutes show on hand-cleaning to prevent diarrea.



One of the ideas for the bus is to fit a carrousel on the top.

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