Female candidate won MMCC’s Children Election

From early morning till late afternoon the Children Culture House was filled with intense activity. Zobair age 15, AliSina 13, plus 11 year old Sonam were chosen to run for MMCC's children election.

The following hours posters were made, slogans were promoted and all kind of more or less dirty tricks were being tried out in order to gain popularity among the 62 registered voters aged from 4 to 15 years.

No more war, plenty of beautiful flowers, food, oil and good schools with computers, English, sport and entertainment were among the issues brought up by the candidates in their final speech on the stage in MMCC’s garden.

And then… finally the enthusiastic young voters lined up with their newly issued ID-cards, outside the strictly controlled election room. Secretly behind a curtain they put their marks on one out of the three children candidate’s photos.

And at 4 pm the result were revealed: with jubilant applause Sonam, the one and only female candidate, was announced the winner of MMCC’s Children Election 2004.

Voting in MMCC's children election.

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