Aschiana - A place for joy and practice

Though MMCC is going to be a mobile circus the project needs a fysical base for training etc. In a city where the rents are comparable to those in New York and still with no money – David Mason therefore during the summer 2002 started to look for a suitable – and free – place among some of his partners in Kabul.

Some turned him down without even trying to imagine the possibilities that appears when actors and performers enter a place with a single goal of making people smile and laugh. But in the child-center Aschiana things were different. Like five more Aschianas run by a local NGO, the center offers basic education for street-working children. Here Engineer Yousef, who is head of all the centers, imidiately could see the point. An unformal deal was done and the next day David Mason and a handful of volentiers started to repair and clean the room that from now on was going to be the base for MMCC and the sideproject ‘Takamol Theatre’.


Making new floors at Aschiana

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