Children performances with high quality

MMCC’s children artists have improved amazingly

May 2006



MMCC-radio ready for broadcasting

Radio workshop improves the quality of MMCC’s children journalism

May 2006



Mobile activities in 16 provinces

Half a million children reached by MMCC’s educational performances

May 2006



Succesful workshop in Bamyan

MMCC is this year starting new activities in Bamyan

April 2006



International artists visit MMCC

Artistic workshop improves the quality of MMCC’s performances

April 2006



Circus presented in public parade

MMCC’s circus children celebrates the Afghan New Year in public event

March 2006



MMCC goes to Japan

13 MMCC’s children artists are invited to Japan this summer

March 2006



Another winter program

350 children participated in MMCC’s winter program 2005/06

February 2006



MMCC goes to Europe

Children and adults from MMCC will visit and perform in Germany and Denmark..

March 2005



Girl won children election

Female candidate won MMCC's children election.

March 2004




Children artists perform

MMCC children artists perform and make workshops for schools in Kabul.

March 2004




First music recording

The MMCC girls choir has made their first recording - the first of many to come.

February 2004




MMCC on exhibition

Moesgaard Museum in Denmark hosts an exhibition about MMCC

February 2004




Beautiful colorful Afghanistan

Painting maps in school workshops to renew national identity.

January 2004




A Culture House for Children

MMCC has opened a Culture House for Children in Kabul.

November 2003




Sporting girls

During the summer of 2003 MMCC launched its second activity - a sports project for girls.

August 2003




Looking for a bus

MMCC is now touring north and south in Afghanistan, and the need for a tour bus has become urgent.

June 2003




MMCC goes mobile

First MMCC workshop outside Kabul for 1200 kids in Gardiz about 100 km to the south of the capital.

April 2003




Hospital performance

In February 2003 MMCC did the first of many performances for children in hospitals.

February 2003




First workshop

In December MMCC did the first of its three day workshops in another Aschiana center.

December 2002




On stilts

Walking on stilts brings the kids on level with the grown-ups.

November 2002



Magic box

An Australian shows up with a popular gift.

November 2002



International child day

600 street working children for MMCC performance.

November 2002




Handmade animals

No circus without animals. MMCC's are made out of glue and paper.

October 2002




Money from Denmark

A committee fundraising in Denmark enables MMCC to hire the first employees.

October 2002




A home at Aschiana

A centre for street working children sees the opportunitiies in housing MMCC.

September 2002




Takamol Theatre - an MMCC child

On top of the circus MMCC has also organised a theatre with 10 actors

October 2002




180 showed up for MMCC audition.

August 2002




Further promotion

A small performance on a hotel rooftop.

July 2002




First performance

In July 2002 MMCC had its first public performance at a UNDCP event.

June 2002




Getting started

A first donation of 1,000 $ got the first activities started.

June 2002