MMCC goes to Japan

In July and August 2006 a group of 13 MMCC children artists are invited to Japan to perform and make friendship with Japanese children. The children are invited by Japan-MMCC that among many many other things are making and selling a high quality photo calendar to gain support for Afghan children.

In February and March eight Japanese MMCC-members visited Afghanistan to help to prepare the Japan tour. During their stay they were teaching MMCC’s singing girls a Japanese song that will be part of the performances in Japan. A big map of Japan and the area Saitama where the visit will take place was also painted in one of the rooms in MMCC.

The six girls and seven boys that are going to Japan were chosen among all MMCC’s amazing circus children based on criteria of both their artistic skills and behavior. Rehearsing for the tour has gradually started and in July a new performance for Japan is going to be finally put together.


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