Artistic workshops with huge impact

In March and April two American artists, Seth Bloom and Ted Laurence, visited MMCC and conducted artistic workshops for both children and adult artists.

Ted Laurence introduced a science educational performance based on his own ‘Dr. Quark-performances in the US. The educational performance on a direct school subject has a huge potential to become a new integrated part of MMCC’s activities. Ted is also a very experienced circus instructor. Based on his workshop the children’s juggling skills has improved amazingly. In Bamyan he conducted an indescribable fantastic acrobatic workshop for children who had never ever tried – or even seen - anything like this before. The acrobatic activities are now being copied by MMCC’s mobile artists when they conduct workshops for children in the provinces.

Seth Bloom has been part of developing MMCC’s performing methods with big movements and props aimed for very large audience from MMCC’s very beginning. He visited MMCC first time in the summer 2003 and has returned once a year since to follow up with new artistic workshops. In the new MMCC organizational structure Seth Bloom has agreed to become artistic director and -advisor for MMCC-International. He will return to Kabul in April 2007 if we can find the needed funding to cover his expenses.




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