MMCC-radio ready for broadcasting

MMCC’s group of children journalist is gradually becoming very good radio journalists. The radio journalism activities started in 2005 based on two initial workshops and a donation of a number of recorders.

This spring Martin Gerner, a German journalist and keen MMCC-friend, have returned to MMCC to conduct a new radio workshop including digital editing.

So far the radio programs have only been broadcasted in MMCC, where the children have helped to improve the quality with feed back and new ideas. As the new digital editing gradually gets properly implemented, MMCC will soon be able to produce high quality MMCC-children radio programs that are ready to be broadcasted for a much larger audience.

The MMCC-radio programs are expected to become a new important way of reaching large numbers of children with entertaining and education made for and by children within this year. We are gradually looking for partners for broadcasting cooperation and for financing of the journalist activities.