SlideShow of the Gym

Children Culture House activities

MMCC’s Children Culture House in Kabul is the base for all our activities. It is here all new creative and educational concepts are being developed. Always in close interaction with the children themselves.

Circus and Theater are the main activities, but the Children Culture House is fare more than this. Singing, painting, journalism, sport and tailoring are among the daily activities. When the children have exams in the schools, we change the program and run regular classes such as Math, Dari, Pashto and Geography.

From March to December the children and adult artist’s performances in Kabul and the provinces have the highest priority. During this period we have 100-120 children. In the three month winter school holiday we register 200-250 extra children and increase activities at the Centre.

A majority of the MMCC children are former refugees who live in some of the ruins or damaged houses in our neighbourhood. Though we do not have any social selection criteria as such, most of the children belong to some of the poorest families in the area. 50% are girls and the average age is 10-12 years – the youngest is 4 years old and the oldest 16.

Right: ShirKhan teaching posters/wallpapers and journalism
Below: Visiting ‘World from Above – photo exhibition in Shar-e-Now Park

Circus is of course the core activity at the Children Culture House. The Junior circus consist of 70-80 children who practice juggling, acrobatic, uni-cycling etc on daily or regular bases.

In the school season the best of the children perform on weekly bases at schools in Kabul. Beside this we often make performances for visitors at the Centre.

Shaher (in black) is the coordinator of all activities in the Children Culture House. He is also our Taikwondo teacher and master.

Martial arts are extremely popular in Afghanistan. In MMCC we have Taikwondo classes for both boys and girls three times every week.

MMCC’s mini kids rehearsing Singing is essential in MMCC Daily miniature painting classes
Vasila is our lead singer. When she recently returned from the US after a serious heart operation, she went directly from the Airport to MMCC to say hello to her friends and teachers. For many of the children MMCC is like their second home