Super Mini Kids

MMCC’s smallest children – age 4-7 years – is given a high priority as they are the absolute future of the country. The Mini Kids take part of all daily activities at the MMCC center as well as they perform together with the older children.

The Mini Kids also have their own special program with pre-school classes and education on hygiene. In the winter-program separate classes are made for the smallest children. The classes includes theater, painting, pre-school and acrobatic

We are currently looking for one or more sponsors for the Super Mini Kid program. Please contact us for further information by phone: 070-280140 / 070-229975 or e-mail:

The Mini Kids have so much potential and have become an essential part of all MMCC’s activities

The Mini Kids have paved their own way to MMCC. In the beginning we refused them due to lack of capacity. However… they kept coming every day, copying the bigger children by themselves until we finally made a special program for them