MMCC take off - first workshop

In taxies fully loaded with child-actors, stilts, puppets and an elephant made of papmache, the Mini Circus on Tuesday December 17, 2002 took off from the safe base in Aschianas main child-center to do its first workshop.

After two month of exercise and doing several performances in order to develop the concept, it was now time to get mobile. Tension was high when MMCC started to build up its stage at Aschiana no. 3, where 600 streetworking children study in two daily shifts.

During three days the center was turned into a creative studio, starting with a performance done by the team of MMCC-employees and child-actors. On the third day it finished with singing and acting done by the children at the child-center themselves.

It was a tired but very happy team, who returned to the base late Thursday afternoon after a succesfull start of what is from now on going to be regular workshops for thousands of children all over the country.


Dressing up for the performance starting the workshop.

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