Since the beginning in 2002, MMCC/AECC has experienced many ways of creative support by enthusiastic volunteers. Performers like Will Murray and Zach Warren came to give juggling and magic workshops. Famous personalities like the author Jon Krakauer have financially supported the circus several years in a row. Couples have donated their wedding money and families decided to fund parts of the daily children’s lunch, while others sent juggling equipment. There are as many ways of supporting MMCC/AECC, as there are people out there.

How you can help:
You can support the MMCC/AECC by: organizing fundraising events, becoming a volunteer teacher, donating, writing articles, organize screenings for our movies...: Contact us to see how you can help! 

A Rickshaw to spread the MMCC/AECC spirit
Adnan and Annika formed the Rickshaw Circus and rode 8000km from Kabul to Istanbul in a motorized Rickshaw to raise awareness for the MMCC.
“The MMCC inspires creative thinking.  Volunteering there for seven months made us look at the world in a different way, to re-evaluate what is possible and what can be done with a little bit creativity“.  The end result was the Rickshaw Circus, the perfect embodiment of the MMCC’s core values: a Circus on wheels that is Afghan, Mobile, and of course Mini.
“On our tour from Kabul to Istanbul we visited organizations working with disadvantaged children in Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, where we spread the word on the MMCC. Everywhere we came, we encountered a great potential for MMCC’S Social Circus approach to enrich the work of other organizations,“ Adnan and Annika say.