Vulnerable Children


Where every child is acknowledged, a community can blossom. A primary target group and main concern of the MMCC/AECC are the challenged children and youth including orphans, handicapped, street working- and internally displaced children living in refugee camps.  These are the most vulnerable in society.
Through comprehensive outreach programs, children from all different backgrounds are involved in the activities.


In one of MMCC/AECCs larger outreach programs, children from IDP camps first visit the Kabul capacity center where they are introduced to the world of social circus. Afterward, a group of MMCC/AECC trainers visits the camps regularly with circus and media equipment to teach children how to play, juggle, perform, interact and express themselves through photo, radio and video productions.
Some of the best camp children become part of a trainer program and network supporting them to continue and sustain the activities in the camp.

Selected Facts and Figures from 2011:

- 128 Landmine Awareness shows, reaching an audience of 69,418 people in rural area

- 366 Circus, Painting, Theatre, Singing, Radio and Shura workshops in schools

- 61 children performances for 82,202 audience

- 60 workshops for disabled and IDP children

- 76 Mine Risk Teacher Trainings