Social Circus


The transformative power of circus connects education, physical art and social development. Social Circus is more than teaching circus skills. It is a tool for transformation, discipline, creativity and artistic expression.

In its modern form, circus has gone beyond mere entertainment: At the MMCC/AECC games and circus arts are a tools for teaching social skills, overcoming trauma and developing essential capacities and the ability to take responsibility.

Educational Performances
Educational Entertaining performances are central to MMCC/AECC’s methodology. A typical performance last for up to one hour and always include one or more educational shows about essential themes such as hygiene, Peace, or traffic safety. Partnering with MACCA/UNOPS, for example, has produced performances geared toward teaching and protecting children from the dangers of landmines and unexploded ordnance, in ways they can easily and much better understand.

Workshops on different circus skills such as juggling, acrobatics, theatre and painting are a crucial part of Social Circus work. They teach children new ways of thinking and playing while expanding their creative horizons. At the end of a workshop, the MMCC/AECC team assists the children to make a full show for their school or local community members. In addition, children attend in- depth training programs at the MMCC/AECC’S capacity centers. 

2.7 million live audiences in

 25 provinces since 2002