Children Shura and Voices


Shura is the traditional Afghan form of democracy, a gathering of the community in which problems are discussed and resolved.
MMCC/AECC organizes Children’s Shura (Shura-e-Atfal) activities in schools, camps and local communities across Afghanistan as well as an annual National Shura in Kabul. Through Shura classes and meetings, the children learn to organize and structure debates, discuss issues of their concern and in the process increase their ability to actively participate in and lead civil society.


The Voices activities follow up on the capacities and awareness developed through the Children's Shura. The Voices methodology is designed to address the issues raised in the Shura by the children and help them document it and find practical solutions. The Children’s Voices activities show participants how each and every-one of them has the capacity to address issues in their immediate environment.

Issues raised by the National Shura-e-Atfal:

-Eliminating child labour
-No places for children to play
-Lack of educated teachers in the schools
-Families hindering girls education
-Dealing with drug addicted fathers
-Teaching practical lessons, not only on a blackboard
-Lack of respect for the disabled
-Lack of an ombudsman dealing with children’s problems