Cheerful Pedagogy


At the MMCC/AECC, teaching is considered a creative art in itself. Our approach relies less on text-based methods and more on what we call cheerful pedagogy: guiding children through an experience of learning with their senses. Play is essential: it increases a child’s social skills such as trust, communication, and cooperation. MMCC/AECC’s pedagogic approach involves many group activities and games like partner-acrobatics and creation of complex human pyramids.

Let children take the lead

Rather than telling children what to do, MMCC/AECC believes in their inherent power and wisdom. We provide organizational frames designed to help children take responsibility, blossom and grow.

Community Engagement
Through weekly mother meetings and close contact with families and local community stakeholders, MMCC/AECC has developed an in-depth understanding of building trust in local communities. This engagement among more facilitates girls´ participation, stage performances and even travel to other regions of the country.

75% of all activities
are run and taught
 by Children