Children Media


The MMCC/AECC has pioneered a program that puts children in the lead of media production and execution. The children create their own radio programs, they design their own websites and produce magazines, documentaries and films. As a result, many former MMCC/AECC children are now earning their living in the Afghan radio and televisions as announcers and producers.

MMCC/AECC’s Media activities include:

  • Radio, Video and Photo
  • Children Magazines
  • Multimedia and Web
  • Children Film Academy
  • Media Festivals
  • Cinema for Children

Children’s Cinema

With the construction of the first Afghan children mini-cinema in its Kabul center, the MMCC/AECC aims at developing a new child-friendly film-culture. In Afghanistan, movies and cinema have a generally negative reputation as being only for adult men. At the MMCC/AECC Film Academy, children are trained to be producers, actors, editors and creative directors of their own films.