From Circus Kid to Staff


Ahmad was 10 years old, when he joined the circus. He lived near to the Kabul MMCC Centre, when it opened in 2003. Jumping and making somersaults all day, he soon became the best in acrobatic.

In 2005 and 2006, when MMCC had its first tours abroad, Ahmad performed in Europe and Japan. Two years later, when MMCC started activities in Bamyan, Ahmad and his family were already there as they had moved back to the land and house they had to flee many years before due to ethnical conflicts in the region.  Ahmad became trainer and immediately started coaching the new Bamyan MMCC-children in acrobatic. In the school holidays he went back and front for the big performances; to upgrade his skills and keep the contact with his circus friends in Kabul.

When Ahmad graduated from school in 2011, he became the first circus kid, who is now employed full time to teach and inspire thousands of more Afghan children. In 2012 he moved back to Kabul, where he is responsible for the boys part of what will hopefully one day become Afghanistan’s National Circus. From beginning to new beginning, Ahmad embodies the core philosophy of the MMCC.

Trainers and Young Staff

In MMCC/AECC the children get responsibility as they grow and improve. In its comprehensive trainer system, the children can move from Trainer to Junior- and Young staff conditioned they attend and complete their school.