Colours and Creative Environments


Colours and Innovative visual designs are essential parts of MMCC/AECC’s philosophy. In its centres, the four MMCC/AECC colours (bright red, green, blue and yellow) are utilized for all kinds of decorations.

The colourful environments developed at MMCC/AECC centres are since used as templates for inspiring more NGOs and institutions and for organizing children in schools to transform often colourless educational environments into places for cheerful learning.

Starting in Bamyan in 2008, MMCC/AECC has developed a very cost effective system for establishing semi-permanent bases for more activities in rural areas by modifying shipping containers into colourful multifunctional rehearsal and performance spaces. Equipped with circus-, media- and play equipment, the Funtainers serve as a base for children in local communities to meet and practice activities on their own with only very little practical support of adults.