Shura with participant children from 5 provinces
Shura is the Islamic tradition of assembling (parliament) and gathering to exchange opinions and make decisions. In our first children's Shura, 12 representatives from 5 provinces participated in a week-long event. Earlier, the children representatives were elected and trained by means of regional Shuras. They were full of ideas and amazingly articulate. On the whole, 110 girls and boys from Kabul and 25 children from provinces (including the committee) participated in the workshops, discussions and roundtables. The main focus of this Shura was to investigate the ways in which the children could contribute to the beautification and cleanliness of their schools. They also pushed for more break-time in schools. Mr.Bismillah Abed, head of Monitoring and Evaluation, Ministry of Education, spent many hours listening patiently and carefully to the children. Later, Mr. Bismillah Abed answered all the children's questions and encouraged them to mobilize and actively involve themselves in the improvement of the Afghan education system by organizing more such Shuras.

The Shura was covered by ERTV (Educational Radio Television of Ministry of Education) as well as the junior Radio and Magazine teams of MMCC/AECC. Children from Kabul, Herat, Bamyan, Ghor, and Jalalabad who've previously been trained in media activities participated in the radio and magazine production. The new magazine and the radio programs will soon be available for broadcast and publishing. Pavithra Selvam, a volunteer from India assisted the children with the production of the magazine.